Games forge unity

Action from the touch rugby competition during the Central Community Games in Suva yesterday. Picture: Supplied

ONE thing the youths learnt from the Central Community Games is unity.

This according to Vunimono Youth president Ponipate Bainivalu while speaking to this newspaper yesterday.

“It brought all the youths together, especially in my village,” he said.

“We had meetings, everybody helped with the preparation towards the games.

“We thank Fiji Sports Commission for hosting such an event because what we saw for the past two days is that everybody enjoyed themselves.

“We got to know other youths. We even met some we were related to.

“We saw some of our friends, classmates and the last time we met was back in school, so we had a lot of catching-up to do during the two days of competition.

“In this kind of tournaments new relationship, new friendships are forged.

“Also, new talents are being exposed.”

The youths from Vunimono Village plan to form a committee to discuss new projects that will contribute to the development of their village and its surrounding areas.

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