Gamel calls for support

VODAFONE Fiji national football coach Christopher Gamel has called on supporters to cheer for the players in a positive way.

In the lead-up to their game against Estonia this Sunday, Gamel has urged fans to come and cheer the players to help them boost their morale.

“If they are coming to watch the game, please shout out good things to help motivate the players when they are on the field,” he said.

“I expect my players to concentrate when they are on the field and not on people who will be shouting from the embankment because this will affect their concentration.

“We have good quality players and I am trying my best to expose them. They will be under fire and under pressure when they play Estonia and it is important for them to manage themselves. Every mistake we commit we will pay for it, so its important to keep their minds focused on their responsibility on the ground.”

Gamel said preparing them physically and mentally was a big task because they needed to resist the pressure that would be given to them.

He added playing without Roy Krishana would affect the team’s performance since he was their star player, but that won’t deter the feelings and ability for the other players to prove themselves.

“Roy is our main player and unfortunately he can’t play and at the same time we have a lot of injuries but that will not be a problem as we will carry on. We will try different combinations and see if it is effective on our players.”

The game will be played at the ANZ Stadium in Suva on Sunday afternoon.

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