FWRM: Strengthen rehab in proposed Sex Offenders Registry Bill

Update: 5:04PM THE Sex Offenders Registry Bill deem the persons as sex offenders for life and not consider their rehabilitation as being complete after a period of 10 years as specified under the Rehabilitation of Offenders (Irrelevant Convictions) Act.

Fiji Women’s Rights Movement (FWRM) executive director Nalini Singh highlighted this during her submission to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Justice, Law and Human Rights on the new Sex Offenders Registry Bill this week.

“This would seem contrary to the aim of fully integrating offenders back into Fijian society. Current rehabilitation and treatment strategies, however, need to be strengthened (in all aspects) to focus primarily on victim accountability and the safety of others,” Ms Singh submitted. 

“Rehabilitation needs to be age-appropriate and aligned to the development of the child.”

Ms Singh said although FWRM appreciated that sex offender would not be able to hold child-related employment, they were concerned with the rehabilitation process not being completed. 

She said this would, in turn, contravene the objective of the Bill in reducing the rates of sexual offences in Fiji.

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