Future with clean energy

FOR Alisi and George Nacewa, travelling to Bonn, Germany for the 23rd Conference of Parties (COP23) will go down as one of the most memorable trips of their lives.

This is the couple’s first trip together overseas since assuming the duties as climate warriors.

“We didn’t choose climate change, it chose us. Like for me, my field is marine science and for George, his is sports science,” said Mrs Nacewa.

“Climate change, is the biggest issue and it affects everyone and I am glad I have my wife because this is something we stand for,” said Mr Nacewa.

When asked how it was like to be part of COP 23, they said: “It was really busy and we were doing our own thing and we hardly saw each other but we always found time to meet.

“It feels great to be here and I will always support him,” said Mrs Nacewa.

“I am happy to have her support, she has been there for me and has been very supportive and that helps a lot, when standing for something we believe in, and that is trying to minimise the impact of climate change,” said Mr Nacewa.

“We’re doing this for our children and for their future.

“We’re doing this out of passion and while sometimes we don’t get paid much, but we’re here because this is for our survival and someone needs to step up for the vulnerable, those who are at the forefront, bearing the effects of climate change,” they said.

Mrs Nacewa was in Bonn after being funded by Greenpeace Australia to be the representative for the Pacific Islands while Mr Nacewa travelled as a climate warrior with international non-government organisation 350.org.

“Traditionally, my role is to protect the land to which I belong from outside threats.

“In the context of this climate crisis, my role as a warrior, and a protector of the land to which we belong, goes beyond the boundaries of my village,

“In Fiji, for example, I have been working with Vunisavisavi in Vanua Levu. Vunisavisavi was identified by the Fiji Government, as a community that may need to relocate due to the impacts of climate change.

“Climate change knows no boundaries and Vunisavisavi, like many other communities across the Pacific, is on the front lines of these climate impacts despite contributing the least to climate change.

“That is why I am here alongside Pacific climate warriors from across the Pacific region, calling for an end to the age of the fossil fuel era and for the immediate, just transition to !00 per cent renewable energy.

“Since being at COP23, the Pacific climate warriors have been echoing things that Pacific leaders have been calling for.

“Keeping to the Paris Agreement means keeping all fossil fuels in the ground and building the types of future my children and their children deserve – a future that is free from fossil fuels,” said Mr Nacewa.

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