Fund introduces employers helpline

A NEW helpline has been introduced by the Fiji National Provident Fund as a direct response to queries and challenges made on the use of its employer e-services portal.

The helpline phone number is 3238 999 and the email address is

Announcing this in a statement yesterday, FNPF chief operating officer Jaoji Koroi said some employers continued to find it a challenge after the portal was earlier introduced.

Some of these issues include password issues, incomplete contribution schedule (CS) submissions; TIN issues; lack of knowledge on using the portal; incorrect/incomplete CS header details; and incorrect/incomplete employee details.

“The helpline will provide employers with real-time guidance over the phone and also increase their knowledge of the portal and its uses,” Mr Koroi said.

“It also means that employers can expect immediate assistance instead of the delayed response they have encountered at times.

“Prior to this, their calls — along with all other calls, were going through our switchboard.”

The new initiative, Mr Koroi said would also complement the training provided to employers in the past, and also help them gain more knowledge of the portal and how to make it work for them.

He said employers could also expect a faster approval of their contribution schedules filed through the portal.

“FNPF has streamlined our internal processes as part of the organisation restructure and it has enhanced our service delivery,” Mr Koroi said.

“The employer e-services portal helpline is another initiative which will boost our efforts to provide the best service to our stakeholders.”

Mr Koroi said FNPF expected the number of queries to reduce gradually as employers gain more knowledge about the portal.

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