FUFP’s new proposal

THE Fiji United Freedom Party (FUFP) proposes to introduce a Ministry of Religious Affairs and Welfare in its manifesto ahead of this year’s general election.

According to the party, the ministry is to promote and assist the administration of religious affairs and also channel the welfare and poverty alleviation through the same governance model that will work in conjunction with various religious institutions and organisations.

FUFP leader Jagath Karunaratne claimed that the government’s administration had its limits in terms of reaching out to the people and isolating the needy and addressing specific issues of the people.

“The religious organisations are the most closest to the people and also to the issues they are facing. There is no better way than utilising these organisations to reach out to people with a better and clear understanding,” Mr Karunaratne said.

“There has to be proper administration processes to ensure accountability and transparency, however, it is part of the governance in any way.”

Mr Karunaratne said there was a need to look at ways in which the government could and should work with not only the religious organisations, but also with other social and cultural organisations.

“The usual allegation on politicising these institutions is a lame excuse. .

“We must take necessary precautions that will not be used for political gain of one against the other. But isolating them and neglecting them is definitely not the answer.”

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