FUFP manifesto to focus on land issues

RETURNING the land to the rightful owners under a well-structured corporate mechanism will be the main focus when the Fiji United Freedom Party releases its manifesto.

The party proposes that as the first step to achieving this, the existing commercial leases on both crown and native leases must be renegotiated with the consent of the landowners and the commercial entities holding the lease.

“The government must initiate with an initial investment to set up a holding company with proper management to engage in the renegotiations,” the party revealed.

According to the party, the issue of land has been the most prominent issue for all governments and political parties for decades since independence.

“It may be right to say that no government until today has been able to find the right solution, balance, economic prosperity and racial harmony that are connected with the land,” the party claimed.

“This has been sensationalised to invoke emotions of the people during elections in the name of protection of land and protection of indigenous rights.

“However, there has not been much said on how the land can be utilised to eradicate the economic disparity and, most of all, bring racial and ethnic harmony.”

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