FUFP manifesto fosters partnership on land

AGRICULTURE and housing leases must be carefully evaluated to avoid possible disruptions to the way of life for hundreds of thousands of people, says the Fiji United Freedom Party.

As it gears up towards this year’s general election, the party proposed there were areas where partnership could be encouraged such as the sugar industry.

“There are existing laws that prohibits partnership in agriculture.

“These laws must be reviewed and the corporate structure and management can be utilised to avoid any exploitation,” the party said.

“FUFP also has a comprehensive housing scheme where native land can be utilised to provide affordable housing to all.”

According to the party, the idea behind the scheme was to ensure that every single person would have a decent shelter with amicable benefits to state, landowners and everyone concerned.

The party also believes that with the abundance of resources around us and with the skills, knowledge, expertise and labour available in the country, Fiji could become a prosperous country without disrupting its nature, environment, culture, and traditions, ensuring racial harmony.

“We must build partnerships, we must build relationships, and we must build understanding and trust. The only way to do this is by engaging in ventures that are beneficial to all sides.

“The Government must move away gradually from being a service oriented entity to a government that invests on people, invests on people’s future and welfare.”

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