FTUC national secretary Anthony released; Urges workers to stay strong

FICTU general secretary Attar Singh embraces union brother FTUC national secretary Felix Anthony shortly after his release from Police CID on Friday, May 03, 2019. Picture: RAMA

AFTER spending two nights in police custody, Fiji Trades Union Congress national secretary Felix Anthony was released shortly after 4pm yesterday — a few minutes away from reaching the 48-hour time frame since his arrest on Wednesday afternoon.

After his release, Mr Anthony headed to the FTUC head office in Suva where he was greeted by former Water Authority of Fiji employees, trade unionists Agni Deo Singh, FICTU general secretary Attar Singh, and other supporters.

While addressing the former workers, Mr Anthony reminded them to rally behind him and not give up.

“All I want to say to you people is thank you very much for standing by me,” he said.

“As I always say, stay strong. These kinds of experiences should make us stronger. It will help us achieve what we set out to achieve.”

Mr Anthony was arrested by police while he was in a meeting with Employment Minister Parveen Kumar, the International Labour Organization and the Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation on Wednesday.

He was taken to the Criminal Investigations Department in Toorak, Suva, where his lawyer, Filimoni Vosarogo, confirmed he was interviewed by police for allegedly breaching the Public Order Act.

Mr Anthony was released yesterday without any charges.

Police acting chief of investigations and intelligence Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Bitukula Waqanui said investigation against Mr Anthony was continuing.

“He hasn’t been charged, but he was questioned and released while investigations continue,” ACP Waqanui said.

Meanwhile, members of the Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) youth wing were also present at Suva’s FTUC office to show their support last night.

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