FTUC members and supporters gather to discuss pending issues

Workers and supporters of the Fiji Trades Union Congress(FTUC) with their placards during the gathering today. Picture: VISHAAL KUMAR

MEMBERS and supporters of the Fiji Trade Union Congress (FTUC) gathered today at the Fiji Teacher Union (FTU) Hall in Suva to address their campaign for six pending issues they were trying to address with the Government.

Speaking at the event, Fiji Labour Party (FLP) leader Mahendra Chaudhry highlighted the need for more international intervention.

“Trade unions not only works for its members but for the entire society, poor, underprivileged and for the oppressed,”  Mr Chaudhry said.

“In fact in the country where trade unions were not free, there was no democracy of freedom.”

National Federation Party (NFP) leader Professor Biman Prasad also shared similar sentiments.

“I think the international community needs to take note of what is happening in the country. They need to understand that we are not a genuine democracy,” Prof Prasad said.

Police patrols were high around the venue but this did not deter workers and members to peacefully gather and discuss the issues facing them and look at the way forward.

The FTUC’s six main campaigns are:

  • Government’s unilateral decision to impose fixed term individual contracts for civil servants, teachers, and nurses and for workers in other government-owned entities.
  • Government’s decision to impose an unjustified $2.68 minimum wage for workers. FTUC’s demand remains $4 an hour.
  • Government’s decision to renege on the agreement signed between FTUC, FCEF, government and ILO to review the labour laws to ensure full respect for workers’ rights and implement Committee of Experts recommendations.
  • The workers’ right to freely conduct secret ballot and the right to strike.
  • Delay in addressing FASA issues and now NUW-WAF terminations.
  • LongstandingVatukoula Strike.


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