FTC: 200 of 13,000 teachers received increment

Fiji Teachers Confederation secretary-general Agni Deo Singh (right) speaks to the media with assistant secretary-general Paula Manumanunitoga during a press conference at the Fiji Teachers Association conference room in Suva yesterday. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

The Fiji Teachers Confederation (FTC) yesterday told a press conference that only 200 of the more than 13,000 teachers in Fiji received their MyAPA increment.

“This is the first instance in the history of the teaching service that more than 98 per cent of the 13,000-plus teachers have been denied the rewards that they truly deserved,” secretary-general Agni Deo Singh said, referring to the annual performance assessment.

“The job and position description done before and after are exactly the same.

“Therefore, the excuse that these officers (heads of schools and assistant heads of schools) did not serve for the minimum required period of nine months is incorrect.”

He said the FTC was of the firm belief that more than 80 per cent of teachers received a fully competent or exceeding expectation results but had failed to qualify for the increment.

Mr Singh says the confederation believes government’s reasons for the non-payment of the much anticipated 2017-2018 MyAPA payment was void.

He said the Ministry of Civil Service must be honest and admit that they did not have the means to make the payment at present.

Mr Singh also said FTC had “from the beginning” informed the ministry that the MyAPA assessment was not suitable for Fiji.

He said teachers were yet to receive two more increments which were now due.

Meanwhile, questions on the issue sent to the Education Minister, Rosy Akbar, last week remained unanswered.

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