FT152: Man ‘over the moon’ after winning $152

The Fiji Times 152nd anniversary promotion winner Adrian Blaise Sanipate. Picture: NAVNESH REDDY

Adrian Blaise Sanipate said he was “over the moon” when informed he had won $152 as part of The Fiji Times 152nd anniversary promotion draw last week.

The Douglas Pharmaceuticals Fiji Ltd manufacturing team leader says he is a loyal reader of this newspaper.

He was among 20 winners of The Fiji Times 152nd anniversary promotion October draw.

“I was very surprised, excited and happy – all at the same time,” he said.

Mr Sanipate said he preferred reading The Fiji Times because it kept his mind “fresh” with interesting stories and informative news articles.

“I have formed a habit of reading The Fiji Times and I must thank this newspaper for keeping the public at
large informed about current affairs over the years.”

He said with Christmas and the festive season drawing near, the $152 would come in handy.

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