FSC works toward being more transparent

FSC workers with the load of cane during the opening of the 2019 crushing season at Rarawai mill in Ba. Picture: BALJEET SINGH/FILE

The Fiji Sugar Corporation is working towards being more transparent in the way it disseminates information to growers.

FSC chief executive officer Graham Clark said one of the steps the corporation has taken to achieve this was to include certified deductions on growers’ cane payments.

According to Mr Clark, the certified deduction was separately shown on the fourth cane payment grower statements for the sake of transparency and better accountability.

He said the previous practice was for certified deductions to be offset against distributable proceeds payable to growers and this had not been separately shown.

Mr Clark said as the new harvesting season drew near, FSC would be discussing more ways to modernise the way information was shared with growers.

“One of the things we are thinking of doing is sitting down with the growers’ representatives, ourselves, the (Sugar Industry) Tribunal on modernising, if you would like, the statements and the communications that goes to farmers,” he said.

“They’ve been around a long time so maybe it’s time now to give them a new modern feel and disclose all of the information that everybody wants to have to help them.

“We will certainly have that reviewed before the next cane payment.”

Mr Clark said that the next cane payment would be made in the coming weeks.

“Total payment (as of May 15) altogether, came to $75.26 for the season so far.

“So we have a little bit more to go towards that $85 guaranteed cane price.”

Mr Clarks said there was one more cane payment yet to be done.

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