FSC: More and more burnt cane sent to mills

Fiji Sugar Corporation Chief Executive Officer Graham Clark speaks to the farmers during a meeting with farmers in Moto Ba. Picture: REINAL CHAND/FILE

Mechanical harvesting gangs are sending more and more burnt cane for crushing to the mills, says Fiji Sugar Corporation chief executive officer Graham Clark.

He said the percentage of burnt cane delivered to the Lautoka and Rarawai mills had risen sharply over the past two weeks.

“At Lautoka, the percentage has risen from 7 per cent two weeks back to 23 per cent last week and 22 per cent this week,” he said.

“Rarawai, the percentage has risen from 8 per cent two weeks ago to 15 per cent last week and 25 per cent this week.”

He said it was difficult to put a reason to the increase.

“Manual gangs are generally still providing green cane and mechanical harvesters are delivering the majority of burnt cane.”

The Sugar Industry Tribunal usually gives authority for farmers to burn their cane before harvesting towards the end of the crushing season.

“FSC has indicated to farmers that the focus should be on green cane harvesting now whilst crop conditions are good, leaving burning to the on-program burning season later in the year.”

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