FSC employees called to invest in a healthy lifestyle

FSC CEO Graham Clark and Labasa Mill manager Michael Faktafon perform an ice-breaker at the Labasa mill.. Picture: SERAFINA SILAITOGA

THE Fiji Sugar Corporation’s chief executive officer Graham Clark has called on his staff members to value their lives and invest in living a healthy lifestyle.

In opening the International Occupational Health and Safety Day and launching the use of new uniforms at the mill in Labasa on Friday, Mr Clark reminded his team that safety at home and workplace were important issues.

“We are very pleased to support this initiative and this special day declared by International Labour Organization to promote safety in workplaces which is significant,” he said.

“We should have safety and health at heart and we have included a section on health with a special focus for the 2019-2020 Safety Policy for FSC.

“We are also encouraging medical surveillance and have medical check- up for your own good, let’s stay healthy and strong and firm for our families.”

Non-communicable disease (NCDs) statistics in Fiji, Mr Clark said, was also worrying.

“We have a lot of young people in the Labasa mill and I encourage you all to start with a good attitude and as a company we review health and safety policy every year,” he said.

“When we have a healthy workforce we will have a productive workforce and when we are strong and healthy, we will do well at work. Mr Clark said they could never eliminate accidents that might happen in the mills, but it could be minimised through active participation, physical health and as a company, they could create a safe and healthy work environment.

“Over the past two years the safety policy changed slightly but we have been measuring it a lot better and mitigation and in the first year we saw increase in accidents and people might ask why the rate has gone up.

“But that has been reduced as we are dealing with it and I am very pleased we following that trend with continued efforts and do encourage excellency and healthier work force.”

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