FSC: Costs fall

Sugar Ministry permanent secretary Yogesh Karan is concerned about mill stoppages at Lautoka and Rarawai. This was the scene outside the Lautoka mill recently when a factory breakdown resulted in the backlog of trucks and long waits for drivers. Picture R

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THE Fiji Sugar Corporation has managed to reduce operating costs by about 20 per cent.

According to board chairperson Vishnu Mohan this was done by improving discipline across the organisation.

This included the clampdown on unnecessary overtime by mill workers and the strict monitoring of parts and equipment purchases.

“There were a lot of disciplines that were lacking,” he said.

“We now have board sub-committees including finance and audit, remuneration and nominations, and risk and governance.

“They meet very regularly and very religiously reports are produced and looking at management, it is very first-class. I think Graham (Clark, FSC CEO) has brought a lot of disciplines into that.

“We have managed to reduce our operating costs for the whole year by 20 per cent which is significant.”

Mr Mohan added that in the 15 months he had been chairperson, the board and management was on track in terms of achieving what it had set out to do.

“The real purpose is to obviously increase cane production, produce more sugar and make the industry viable because the industry is so integral to the success of Fiji’s economy.”

Mr Clark added that there had been a systemic abuse of overtime and unnecessary purchase of parts and equipment at FSC mills.

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