Fruits of hard work

Mere Naruma with her family members at the Ratu Navula College cadet passing-out parade. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

THERE is nothing more sweeter to a mother than seeing a child succeed in life. Even though most mothers will be there for their children no matter what.

For Mere Naruma, seeing her son being part of the Ratu Navula College military cadetship program was a special moment.

Her son had never been part of anything like that before and the event brought some excitement to the Naruma family.

Love took Mrs Naruma away from her home in Naivicula, Wainibuka to Yavulo, Nadroga where her husband is from about 28 years ago.

Five children later, she has adapted to the daily struggles and rewards of being a “domestic executive”.

“I always counted myself strong because my husband has worked all these years and I have always been at home, looked after the kids, raised them and made sure they grow up to be strong and independent individuals.

“I have never worked all my life except for a few businesses I do to help my husband out in the family, apart from that, it has always just been me and the kids when my husband is away at work.

“Our eldest is now working, the other younger ones are still in school.”

At the school pass out parade, Mrs Naruma was a proud mother.

She forgot that just a day before she was worrying about the family’s lunch at the parade.

But, as she continually said, she had always been blessed.

She went fishing and got much more.

“That day’s catch was more than enough to cater for the day and the family’s week-long meal,” she said.

Apart from her usual daily housewife chores, she also does her tie and dye business.

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