FRU matters

AS Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa rightfully points out, Fiji Rugby Union (FRU) administrators must give the coaches of 7s, 10s and 15s full accountability and responsibility and they should not be a hindrance (FT:13/04).

In his new book, Waisale Serevi revealed that he was forced to resign as national sevens coach by the former FRU administrators because he stood his ground for what he believes was the right way to develop sevens rugby in Fiji.

The apparent friendly comradeship between Serevi, Ben Ryan, and Baber confirms the singlemindedness of where Fiji 7s ought to be heading.

I believe the apparent enmity between Serevi and Ben Ryan towards FRU basically confirms the stubborness and inability of the current FRU administrators to change for the better.

I believe the current and apparent lack of progress by the administrators to take full advantage of the huge opportunities at hand after the Rio Sevens gold further confirms the lacklustre stance of those in charge.

The solution is a simple one. Get in the professionals to do the job.

I suggest Ben Ryan be appointed FRU board chairman for we can be assured that Fiji rugby will progress to highs never seen before.

With proper guidance we can also become world champions in 15s!

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