FRU expands Quick Rip program

The kids having a good time during the Rugby Academy of Fiji,MiloTag Rugby Festival at Albert Park yesterday. Picture: RAMA

THE Fiji Rugby Union in partnership with New Zealand Rugby has expanded the Quick Rip program on Kadavu.

The Quick Rip program was introduced last year in an effort to promote a healthy Fiji through sports.

FRU aims to expand this program throughout Fiji from the outer islands up to the interior parts of the country and so far its successfully getting there and most importantly promoting a healthy living.

The island of Kadavu held its Quick Rip festival on Wednesday and Thursday bringing kids and youths from the 24 villages that’s been covered so far.

Festival co-ordinator Ratu Kaminieli Nabalarua is thankful for the program saying it helps and is effective in terms of strengthening a healthy lifestyle of our people.

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