From the catwalk to Commonwealth Games

AARON Powell’s prowess in athletics was evident when he was just a mere three-year-old.

His mother, Lute Powell recalls that Aaron was part of a fashion show where he was to accompany a girl down the runway. But Aaron instead ran on to the runway and back leaving his partner behind.

“He is going to do well in the Commonwealth Games,” she said.

“Aaron is a much disciplined athlete and I knew he would be an athlete from his childhood days.

“He started running when he was three years old, and he started winning his competition competing in the Chow Games and then Coca-Cola Games.

“He had been very consistent throughout his athletics career and I am proud of him.”

Lute who was a former parliamentarian remembered the day when Aaron’s action on the modelling ramp took everyone by surprise.

“Commonwealth Games is a different competition and he has to train harder so he can do well for the nation,” she said.

“He was part of the fashion parade and he had to walk the ramp with a young girl and they were trained and choreographed on their steps and walk together.

“Aaron was stunned on the day seeing so many people around him and he forgot what he had to do on the stage.

“He ran from where the show was supposed to start and he left the girl behind and he ran towards the main stage.

“He ran the catwalk. He ran to the edge of the stage and then he ran back where he started.”

Powell said she helped and supported Aaron in every decision he made in his life.

“I knew that day his feet were light and he could run and run,” she said.

“The teachers later called me and told me that he was a top athlete and he beat everyone. It all started with the catwalk and he is now in the Commonwealth Games.

“I always pray that God gives him strength and power to run for Fiji.”

Aaron will be competing in the 100 metres race.

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