Friendly staff and service

Sakura Carz has been recognised as one of the best car dealers in the country because of its excellent service.

Not only do you get a good deal on pre-loved cars, you also get the chance to be served by friendly staff who are always there to assist you with what you need.

Whether you need details about a certain car or need clarifications about something, the Sakura Carz staff members are always there to help.

They make purchasing a car so easy that you would always take up the opportunity to visit them again the second time around. Sakura offers even greater deals for you to take advantage of, so visit them and speak to their friendly staff.

Sakura Carz, also known for its experience in car retailer business, also assists customers who bank with the “blue bank” or “green bank”.

Deposit rates are as low as 10 per cent. All you need is an ID, TIN, pay slip and written bank statement and if it is a taxi, a copy of a taxi permit is required. Sakura Carz is a subsidiary company of Motorparts. Get down to Sakura Carz today and choose the car of your dreams. For more information, visit Sakura Carz at Samabula, call on 9991287or email on

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