Fresh fruits and vegies

reigning Adi Senikau Queen Agu Tuinasau also took out the Telecom Fiji Ltd Priscilla Queen, Adi Kuita Queen and the Lautoka Farmers Carnival Queen.

He said anything was possible if people set their minds to achieve something in life.

Mr Tuinasau is a volunteer with the Red Cross Lautoka branch.

He shops every fortnight because it’s convenient for him.

Mr Tuinasau enjoys shopping at easy and convenient supermarkets such as NewWorld, MH supermarkets and Rajendra Supermarket because it’s in the centre of the city.

He shops at those supermarkets because the prices of goods are cheap and the staff members are always friendly and ready to assist customers.

“My shopping list mainly consists of basic food items such as rice, flour, sugar, oil, potatoes, onions, noodles and toiletries,” he said.

“I love to buy fresh fruits and vegetables and I make sure I go to the market early to get the produce while it’s still fresh.

“I can roughly spend $200 on shopping fortnightly because my supplies have to last two weeks for two adults.”

He said he shops with his aunt because she helps him pick the right products marked at reasonable prices.

“I always maintain a healthy meal because it’s important for my body and my mind. And healthy meals really help me look beautiful during beauty pageants,” he said.

“The reason I shop at three supermarkets is because of the price of items like toiletries for instance, the price can be high at one supermarket, I can get it at another supermarket at a lower price. It is all about shopping smart.

“I love to take my cousins with me shopping too because they can help me carry my shopping bags when I have a lot to carry.

“I couldn’t believe someone like me from Lautoka would make a difference in the lives of many young people with my voluntary work and I am glad that I made a little difference last year,” he said.

“I have assisted the people of Lautoka in cleaning up the Lautoka bus stand and have participated in silencing stigma awareness campaign in Lautoka too.

“I hope to do more before handling over the Adi Senikau crown to the next reigning queen. this year.”

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