Fresh baked goods

IF you are looking for fresh baked goods, coffee-time treats, birthday cakes or savory loaves then Raiwaqa Bakery Ltd should be your choice of destination. Rest assured that whatever you buy for you and your family would be worth every cent because their secret to running a successful business is the customers.

Bakery managing director, Atela Yee said the bakery aims to connect with people and understand their needs to enhance their lives.

“It’s about dedication, focus and not giving up when the tough gets going,” said Ms Yee.

“We have around 70 wonderful hardworking staff members that work three shifts daily to serve our customers to their satisfaction. We have breads for health benefits, the enjoyment of sharing a cup of tea with friends or families and the variety of pastries for that special occasion. For special events like birthdays, weddings, corporate celebrations, I can assure you to find a crave-worthy cake that would suit you.”

Raiwaqa Bakery started in 1999 by the single mother of six, Ms Yee. She said it was the only option available at that time so she saw it as an opportunity to start the business.

“Business is never an easy venture,” she said.

“Things always look great from the outside but there is a lot of work involved, a lot of sacrifice to be made in being compliant to all laws and keeping customers happy. Each day is a stepping stone for everyone involved. It’s about learning and growing from mistakes and achievements.”

Ms Yee says the bakery has very special recipes to bake real wholemeal with 100 per cent whole meal flour.

“We bake our white loaves in a traditional method for taste and quality and our cakes are homemade — without commercial mix.”

She adds one of the challenges they face in the business is competition with the growing number of bakeries, home bakers, new trends and demands.

Raiwaqa Bakery Ltd is located at Shop 1, Khushal Holding Building, 11 Ross Street, in Nausori and 34 Ratu Sukuna Road, Nasese in Suva.

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