‘Frequent incidents at spot’

Police divers take a break from the search in the Rewa River near Kasavu yesterday. Picture: JONA KONATACI

KASAVU, Nausori resident Mohammed Afzal, 51, who has been living in the area since birth says there were frequent incidents involving vehicles veering off the road and landing in the Rewa River.
A team from this newspaper visited the site where an accident claimed the life of Kaushal Singh.

Monish Sami, 21, who was the driver of the car which veered off Kasavu Rd early Tuesday morning, is yet to be found.

Mr Afzal said as far as he could remember, three to four lives had been lost because of car accidents at the same spot over the years and this was one of the major incidents in the area.

“But on an average, three to four cars veer off the road every year which are not fatal. Sometimes I and the other residents living here help the drivers and assist them with their cars,” Mr Afzal said.

“But when the drivers are intoxicated and we know they are at fault, then we leave it to the police to sort it out.

“The first accident happened in the early 1970s when an army truck veered off the cliff claiming two lives. Another incident happened during the 1987 coup where a man was killed.”

He quashed rumours of the place being haunted and bad omen for motorists while travelling along the stretch.

“For me personally, I have lived here for 51 years and all these rumours are untrue. I haven’t felt any supernatural activity here. We fish here late in the night and sometimes alone as well,” he said.

“All of us now, we talk on assumptions on what really caused the accident to happen. People might say they were speeding, the brake failed or the driver had fallen asleep while driving. Only the two people involved in the accident know what really transpired.”

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