French Polynesia nuclear testing compensation process ‘not working as it should’

Remnants of the testing infrastructure on Moruroa atoll. Picture: AFP

PAPEETE, 04 JULY 2018 (RNZ PACIFIC) – French Polynesia’s nuclear test veterans’ organisation says if France increases its compensation efforts 100 times it becomes credible that it takes the problem seriously.

The organisation Moruroa e tatou is struggling to get the French state to pay compensation to the victims of nuclear weapons tests.

Marking the 52nd anniversary of the first of the 193 weapons tests in the South Pacific, the organisation has held its annual commemoration in Papeete.

According to a report by Tahiti Nui TV, the organisation said only four cases have been considered this year so far.

Moruroa e tatou said despite professions from France that it was working on compensation, the process was not functioning as it should.

It said 100 times more cases would have to be dealt with for France to be seen to be living up to its responsibilities.

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