French brass band teach children on musical instruments

Update: 5:10PM GLOBESHAKERS project is currently in the country to teach children about the different musical instruments that they play in their brass brand.

The 11-member
brass band group from Chtenay-Malabry on the campus of Centrale Paris
France performed a musical animation for kids at the Fiji Museum this
afternoon where over 30 children along with their parents witnessed
what the instruments look and sound like.

Fran’aise de Suva organized the workshops and Director Thomas Feldstein said
this would give children in Fiji a chance to learn and play different musical

“They are here to introduce a different type of music to the
kids and teach them about the different instruments they use which may seem
unusual to them at first but they will get a chance to play these instruments
and hear the different sounds it produces,” Mr Fledstein said.

The group
has conducted and performed at the University of the South Pacific, Kidsfirst
Fiji and has conducted workshops in Suva Primary School throughout the week.

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