Free of corruption

FIJI Pine Limited executive chairman Faiz Khan says the Bainimarama government had addressed most issues faced by the industry and allowed for the industry to be free of corruption.

“As far as the pine industry is concerned, the previous government led by Bainimarama had already fixed most, if not all, the problems and concerns of the past,” Mr Khan said.

“These were related to changes in policies of revenue distribution so that our landowners received more benefits from various revenue streams such as ground rent, stumpage, lease security bonus payments, etc.”

He said the fundamental principle of the Bainimarama government of the past that applied to the pine industry, was his policy on fair and equitable returns to landowners.

“(And) to achieve that we had to get rid of abuse or misuse from the top so that the stakeholders as a whole benefited. We are hoping that his principles and policies continue into the future.”

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