Free medical services in Vanuatu from Chinese Navy hospital

The Peace Ark is visiting Vanuatu this week.

PORT VILA, 24 JULY 2018 (VANUATU DAILY POST) – Vanuatu Prime Minister Charlot Salwai warmly welcomed Ark Peace, the Chinese Navy hospital ship, to Vanuatu Monday.

He conveyed the heartfelt gratitude of the Government and people of Vanuatu to the Chinese Government, for making it possible for the ship to visit Vanuatu for the second time.

Salwai acknowledged that this has proved the close working relationship between Vanuatu and China.

“When the ship visited Vanuatu in 2014, it provided medical services to more than 5, 000 people. This shows the continuous close working collaboration between the two Governments in strengthening and maintaining a healthy nation.

“Vanuatu wishes to reaffirm its stand to the One China Policy. Vanuatu regards China as a best friend and reliable partner in development”

Salwai is confident that Ark Peace’s week-long visit will “tremendously impact the lives of the citizens of Vanuatu” as he further acknowledged that primary healthcare is enlisted as one of the priorities of the Government.

Rear Admiral Guan Bai Lin, the Mission commander of Mission Harmony-2018 confirmed the medical experts onboard would start offering free humanitarian medical assistance to people beginning Monday afternoon.

A total of 300 patients, including both locals and Chinese community were expected to receive medical attention Monday.

On July 21 and 28, medical personnel will be at the Seafront to provide medical services.

Ark Peace Peace has undertaken six times Mission Harmony Medical Services in 37 countries, including Vanuatu, and areas encompassing three oceans and six continents. It has provided medical services to over 18, 0000 people, thus, the ship is reputed as the Ark of Peace and the Ark of Life.

Ark Peace has onboard an hospital, which consists of 120 medical personnel, including 57 doctors, 27 nurses, 36 pharmacists, medical technicians, equipment maintenance engineers and other professionals.

The onboard hospital is the main platform for receiving and treating patients, which has 21 departments; gastroenterology, cardiovascular medicine, respiratory medicine, neurology, nephrology, general surgery, injury surgery, thoracic surgery, orthopedics, burn and plastic surgery, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, infectious disease, clinical psychology, and ancillary examination units (ultrasonography, radiology, laboratory, pathology).



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