Free Bird pays out dividends

L-R FBL Chief Financial Officer, Waisale Iowane, Chief Operating Officer, Mereseini Baleilevuka, Rosie Holidays General Manager, Eroni Puamau and Rosie Holidays’ Japan Inbound Manager, Takako Tachikawa. Picture: Supplied

PUBLIC listed company Free Bird Institute Ltd (FBL) on Tuesday paid out final dividend of 2 cents per share or $40,000 out of the profits of 2017.
This noted a strong growth and performance from the company listed on South Pacific Stock Exchange just little within a year of being made public.

According to the company’s statement released on the stock market, the total return to the shareholders for 2017 amounted to 3.57 per cent compared with 2.4 per cent for 2016.

FBL chief financial officer Waisale Iowane said the board had made a reasonable assessment to the company’s financial performance alongside its plans for 2018.

He said they also resolved that a total return of 3.57 per cent was in line with the Company’s dividend policy and as stipulated in its Offer Document.

“The Board and Management continue to ensure that the growth in its business should also be reflective of the growth in the value and return to its shareholder,” he added.

The company is also the first institute in the education sector to be listed on the South Pacific Stock Exchange.

It is also the first small and foreign business to be listed.

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