‘Freak’ accident lands man in hospital

A MAN is admitted at the CWM Hospital after a “freak” road accident along Suva’s Edinburgh Drive yesterday.

Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro confirmed that preliminary investigations into the matter revealed the victim took off his shoes and ran across the road, resulting in the accident.

“As of now, from what we managed to gather from witnesses, the victim took off his shoes and ran across, resulting in the accident,” Ms Naisoro said.

She said the victim was yet to be questioned. However, several witnesses who spoke to this newspaper relayed different explanations.

A witness, Irinale Sovea, 47, said he was driving towards the city when he saw the accident.

“I had to warn other drivers that an accident had occurred, before wheeling my car to the middle of the road with the lights on as a warning.”

Harish Chouhan, 58, the driver of the vehicle involved in the accident, claimed the man allegedly jumped on to his car.

“I was coming up and I noticed this man standing by the roadside. As I approached closer to him, he kind of knelt down then jumped over my car,” he said. “There were roadworks along this drive so everyone were driving on a slow speed,” he said.

Police investigations into the matter continue.

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