FRCS clarifies ‘fake email’ issue, reports matter to police

Picture: FILE

The Fiji Revenue and Customs Service has corrected the record on a poorly photo-shopped image of a fake e-mail relating to a former chief executive officer FRCS.

“Notwithstanding obvious inconsistencies with usual FRCS correspondence, we have conducted an exhaustive search of our servers to verify that no such e-mail was ever sent across our internal network,” said Acting chief executive officer Fane Vave.

“We won’t allow FRCS’ independence to be undermined by anyone, particularly not by instigators on social media cowering behind keyboards. Moving forward, we ask the media to adhere to higher standards of fact-checking to assess the authenticity of such blatantly-manufactured images,” she added.

Ms Vave has confirmed that the matter has been referred to the Fiji Police Force’s Cybercrime Division for further investigation.

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