France’s ruling party appoints women to New Caledonia committee

The mayor of Noumea, Sonia Lagarde. Picture: RNZ

NOUMEA, 25 MAY 2018 (RNZ PACIFIC) – France’s ruling En Marche party has named two women to lead its political committee in New Caledonia.

The party of Emmanuel Macron has chosen the mayor of Noumea Sonia Lagarde and the honorary president of the Caledonian Republicans Isabelle Lafleur, who is the daughter of the late anti-independence leader Jacques Lafleur.

Last week, several politicians of the Caledonia Together party aligned themselves publicly with the En Marche party just days after Macron’s first visit to the territory.

The group included the New Caledonian government spokesperson Nicolas Metzdorf.

So far, En Marche has no significant presence in New Caledonia’s political landscape and many of the territory’s politicians affiliate themselves to other established parties in France.

In last year’s French presidential election, a majority of voters in Noumea chose the National Front candidate Marine Le Pen over Macron.

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