FRA: Will not fix potholes in hospital car park

The Fiji Roads Authority will not fix the potholes in the car park area at Savusavu Hospital.

FRA said the potholes in the car park area fell within the hospital premises.

“There were some potholes which were rectified by our contractor last month and the road is accessible,” FRA said.

“Savusavu Hospital Rd is maintained by the FRA. However, the potholes in the car park area fall within hospital premises.

“The car parking area is not an FRA asset and FRA does not maintain other government organisation properties. FRA is confined by the decree and only maintains roads which are part of the authority’s list of assets.”

The FRA stated that the potholes did not sit on public roads but within a car park area.

“Likewise for the access to the morgue, kitchen, water tank, doctors’ residence and quarters and it’s all part of hospital premises.”

Frustrated residents of Savusavu had called on authorities, including the FRA, to look into this issue and fix the potholes.

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