FRA terminates contract with China Railways

FRA chief executive officer Jonathan Moore. Picture: FT FILE

THE Fiji Roads Authority has terminated a contract with China Railways First Group (CRFG) to deliver the highway works from 9-miles to Rewa Bridge on Kings Rd.

FRA chief executive officer Jonathan Moore confirmed this in a statement released earlier today citing that the project had fallen further behind program.

Clarifying FRA’s position and to “allay any concerns or further speculation”, Mr Moore said over recent months, the authority had been working with CRFG to try to get the project back on track but these efforts have not been successful.

“The section of Kings Road that was to be delivered by CRFG is entry to Fiji for many visitors and the continued and increasing delays to completion have been deemed unacceptable, resulting in the current action,” Mr Moore said.

“The decision to terminate any construction contract is not taken lightly and the management of the FRA has strictly followed the conditions of the contract in doing so.”

Mr Moore added that over recent days, FRA has been in discussion with replacement contractors to deliver the remained of the works and these arrangements were approaching completion.

“We have also been made aware of concerns over the recent termination of workers by CRFG,” he said.

“The 9-Miles to Rewa Bridge project is the only project that has been terminated so if CRFG is unable to reallocate staff then they will be taking action to terminate those that cannot be put onto other projects.

“The FRA has no intention of losing experienced workers, particularly as they were not the root-cause of the reason to terminate the contract, so in good faith we are in discussion with other contractors working on FRA projects with a view to absorbing as many as possible into running projects.

“Over the next week we will continuing in this effort to support these displaced workers.”

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