FRA staff attend first aid and CPR training program

FRA customer service officer Mereoni Adimaiwai demonstrates first aid recovery procedure during their first aid training program. Picture: SUPPLIED

THE Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) is working to conduct basic training programs for all its staff.

FRA chief executive officer Jonathan Moore said the training would help them provide basic life care support before a professional emergency response team arrives.

“Being proactive in terms of safety is a must for the FRA, but in unforeseen circumstances, first aid knowledge is essential for a reactionary response,” Mr Moore said.

FRA customs service officer Mereoni Adimaiwai believes following simple procedures and ensuring first aid supplies are well maintained can significantly reduce risks and help save lives during an emergency.

Ms Adimaiwai who was among the participants of the First Aid and CPR Training Program said she was grateful to be learning this invaluable life skill.

“I’m confident that I will now be able to respond to emergency situations,” she said.

Mr Moore said the skills and knowledge acquired in the training program would help the staff better assist those in need during emergencies.

The two-day training program was conducted by the Fiji Red Cross Society.

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