FRA: No parking on Stinson Pde bridge

MOTORISTS have been advised not to park on the new Stinson Pde bridge in Suva.

Fiji Roads Authority general manager for network operations and maintenance Aram Goes said the slip lane at the Harris St end was the main Usher St exit and it must be clear at all times.

“On Scott St, we have now reinstated the original one-way three-lane traffic (in front of Tappoo City and Village 6) with a no right turn off Stinson Pde bridge into Edward St,” Mr Goes said.

“There will currently be no more right turn off Stinson into Edward St and heavy cone layout at the Stinson and at the Edward intersection is currently controlling this.

“We have advised the Village 6 management and the traffic ushers on duty that they are not to allow left turn exit from Village 6 car park.”

Mr Goes said the Usher St access of the Suva market would be a Suva City Council-controlled market delivery access only.

“Trucks and buses are not permitted to enter this section of Usher St and can now use the safer alternative along Scott St on to Edward St.”

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