FRA legally entitled to recover costs for SARUP 2 project

Road workers patching roads along Raiwaqa in Suva. Picture: FILE

THE Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) is legally entitled to recover any costs over and above which would have been paid to Guizhou Road and Bridge Company for the Suva Arterial Road Upgrade Project 2 (SARUP 2).

This was highlighted by FRA chief executive officer Jonathan Moore, who said what was important now was to minimise the delay implications that have resulted in the termination of the contract.

“The first action that have (been) taken is to assume contracts and agreements that were made by Guizhou with testing, investigation and design consultants. In doing this we are minimising time lost in the planning of the works and we are not wasting work already done,” he said.

“We are also working directly with utility providers to ensure that their requirements are included in the rescoped contracts.”

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