FRA: Inadequate trench backfill prompted urgent repair works

Road contractors carry out urgent repair works on Ratu Dovi Rd. Picture: SUPPLIED

THE Fiji Roads Authority had to attend to urgent morning repair works along Ratu Dovi Road today to compact a trench that was not adequately backfilled by a contractor following cable repair works.

It has been established that an Energy Fiji Limited (EFL) contractor had carried cable repairs on a portion of that road, critical to ensure power restoration to affected industrial and residential areas.

The FRA said after those works, the contractor had failed to adequately backfill the trench resulting in major trench settlement under early morning traffic movements.

The EFL was issued with an emergency Corridor Access request permit yesterday afternoon, which allowed them to dig into the Ratu Dovi Road near the intersection of Sekoula Rd.

The authority said it had to intercede to level and compact this trench during this morning’s peak traffic hours.

Works are now complete, the FRA has confirmed.

However, it says that the site was being monitored for the opportunity to complete the permanent surfacing reinstatement today, if weather permits.

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