FRA: Flooding close roads and crossings in three divisions

SEVERAL roads are closed off in the Central, Western and Northern divisions, attributed to flash flooding caused by heavy rain that occurred last night and during the early morning hours today.

The Fiji Roads Authority has advised members of the public that if roadways are flooded, to take a detour, noting floodwaters can be deceptively strong.

Here are the list of roads in the three divisions and its status:

Roads closed in the Central Division

Waidradra Crossing, Vatulili Road, Naqali
Naivoco Crossing, Naivoco Road, Korovou
Waiwatu Crossing, Navulokani Road, Naqali
Waimalua Crossing, Nawiwaivusa Road, Korovou
Colata Cocoa Crossing, Colata Cocoa Road, Korovou
Naboro Cocoa Crossing, Naboro Cocoa Road, Korovou

Status in the Western Division – Rakiraki:

Crossings Closed:

Savusavu Crossing
Burelevu Crossing
Namunamu Crossing
Mataso Crossing
Drekiti Crossing
Vunikavikaloa Crossing

Road status:

Waimari road – surface flooding – partially open
Katudrau road – river overflow – partially open

Roads closed in the Northern Division

· Soaolo Bridge, Nabouwalu
· Valeni Bridge on Wailevu West Coast in Savusavu
· Buca Hill to Navaqiqi on Bucabay Road in Savusavu is open, please drive with care.

Members of the public can call the FRA on toll free number 5720 if they have queries regarding the affected roads and crossings.

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