FRA completes major road upgrades in Suva

Kings Road - Laqere Lights to Makoi Lights stretch was one of the seven roads that was reconstructed. Picture: SUPPLIED

THE reconstruction of seven roads under the Suva Arterial Road Upgrading Project (SARUP 1) has been completed.

Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) confirmed this in a statement issued earlier today stating that the contract was set up to improve the main arterial roads.

“The new and improved roads have an improved capacity which allows a balanced traffic-flow particularly during peak hours,” the statement said.

“These road works will also help prolong the life of the roads by preventing them from premature deterioration and provide a smooth journey to motorists.”

The contractor for the road reconstructions was the China Railway Fifth Group.

The completed reconstruction road works includes:
· Kings Road – Mead Road roundabout to Kinoya/ Khalsa traffic lights
· McArthur Street
· Nabua/ Mead Road RoundaboutRatu Mara Road to 50m into Mead Road and Golf Link Road
· Gaji/ Grantham Roundabout – Grantham Road to 50m into Kasanji and Gaji Road
· Ratu Mara Road – Princes Road/ Waimanu Road intersection to Lakeba Street Junction
· Kings Road – Laqere Lights to Makoi Lights
· Edinburgh Drive

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