FRA clarifies bridge humps

The road hump near the bridge in Velovelo Lautoka causes traffic congestion during peak hours in Lautoka. Picture: REINAL CHAND

COMMUTERS travelling on the Queens Rd between Nadi and Lautoka who are frustrated about the delay in travel caused by road humps at Velovelo, Lautoka, will have to learn to live with the issue. The Fiji Roads Authority says the humps are there for safety reasons.

“The purpose of the humps is to reduce stress over the Velovelo bridge by managing vehicle speed to prolong the life of the bridge,” said CEO Jonathan Moore.

Motorists have vented their frustrations to this newspaper and on Facebook and Twitter, about the length of time spent in traffic because of vehicles slowing down at the bridge.

Commuters say that the 30-minute journey from Nadi to Lautoka now takes up to two hours. Another issue was the potholes located in the middle of the bridge which Mr Moore said were attended to on May 4.

Mr Moore added that temporary repairs would be done soon but a permanent solution would take some time. “FRA will be carrying out maintenance works on the bridge from Monday, May 7.

“Works will include strengthening the beams. “The bridge is due for a replacement in 2019.”