FRA awaits consent from landowners to build road to Vutia

Chiefly herald, Ro Dona Takalaiyale (right) speaking during the Rewa Provincial Council meeting at Burebasaga village. Picture: ATU RASEA

THE Fiji Roads Authority is still waiting for the consent forms from the people of Vutia in Rewa on their plans to construct a road to Vutia.
FRA divisional rep Central Eastern Division Jese Morgan said this was the delay – that they had yet to receive any of those consent forms that were distributed to the villagers.
“It has been 14 years now that we are trying to construct a road that goes down to Vutia. I would like to highlight here today that the first step that is normally done is to request the landowners on the land that will be used to construct the road, including the construction of bridges,” Mr Morgan said.
“We have distributed the consent forms already with the landowners but until today, we still haven’t received any of these forms.”
Mr Morgan said those forms would give them the green light to begin work on the designated area.

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