FRA: 500-plus low-level crossings needs upgrading

The Daria crossing in Wainunu, Bua, partially washed out in this file picture. Picture: SUPPLIED/FILE

More than 500 low-level crossings around the country need to be upgraded, says Fiji Roads Authority CEO Kamal Prasad.

He said the upgrading works were part of a long-term plan.

“The long-term plan for FRA is to replace most of the low-level crossings,” Mr Prasad said.

“For some crossings, we will reinforce the banks and concrete the approaches and this will be executed progressively as there are over 500 crossings to treat.

“Until such time that all these crossings receive the planned treatment, FRA will continue with usual reinstatement works to maintain the access for the rural communities.”

Mr Prasad said crossings would continue to be damaged by sizeable rain and flood even after replacements and bank reinforcement works.

He said the crossings included those affected by the recent floods.

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