FRA: 12 roads closed in the Central Division

TWELVE roads in the Central Division have been closed off to all traffic this morning, attributed to flash flooding and adverse weather conditions.
The Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) confirmed this in its situation report issued today.
According to FRA, surface flooding is widespread in the usual places in the Central Division.
The authority has also advised drivers to take extra caution, avoid places of known historical flooding or low-lying areas and drive to the conditions.
“Please do not drive into water of unknown depth and current as this can be life-threatening. Please find alternative routes where possible and take extra caution,” the FRA stated.
FRA chief executive officer Jonathan Moore has advised members of the public to be cautious when accessing side roads and low-lying areas prone to flooding, and to only travel if necessary.
Members of the public can contact the FRA on 5720 shall they have any queries on the affected roads and crossings.

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