FPCL: Removal order issued

A pilot boat heads toward the sunken cargo ship 'MV Southern Phoenix' at the Suva harbour. Picture: ATU RASEA/FILE

A REMOVAL order has been issued against the owners of sunken vessel MV Southern Phoenix by the Fiji Ports Corporation Ltd (FPCL). This was confirmed by FPCL chief executive officer Vajira Piyasena, who said the order had been extended until June this year.

Mr Piyasena said the removal process of the vessel from the Suva Harbour would begin from August this year.

“We had issued a removal order to the ship owners. They had basically engaged and tendered to one company to remove the vessel. But there was a delay from the Department of Environment in providing the clearance,” he said.

“Because of this delay, the selected contractor basically pulled off. The ship owners had to negotiate with the next two contractors from the tender process.”

Mr Piyasena said the cost of the removal of the oil from the vessel and assessments cost more than $1.5 million, which was paid by the insurance company.

“In the case of MV Southern Phoenix, the owners have some form of insurance. It had been a lengthy process. “In the first few months, all the assessment had been done. The oil had been removed. “There are still some cargo remaining within the vessel.”

He added the removal process for the vessel would generally take about six to eight months.

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