Four day planned water disruption in Nadi, Lautoka

THOUSANDS of families living in Nadi and Lautoka will be without piped water from 5pm this afternoon until 12pm Wednesday.

As a result of the planned disruption the Water Authority of Fiji has advised customers living in the two districts to store water.

WAF said the shutdown will allow for emergency repairs to fix a major leakage at the Nagado Water Treatment Plant.

WAF workers are expected to replace a leaking polyjet section of the pipeline from Vaturu Dam to Nagado.

“Due to the high pressure line from Vaturu, vibrations is being experienced in the chamber which contains the polyjet’s base, WAF crew members have identified leakages at the base of the 10 meter high chamber,” said WAF chief operating officer Samanmal Ekanayake.

WAF general manager for customer services Sekove Uluinayau said at least 170 5000L and 10,000L water tanks would be placed at strategic locations for members of the public.

He said there would not be interruptions in major services like hospitals, airport, schools and hotels.

Sixty-three water carting trucks would be deployed alongside 16 four-wheel drive twin cabs to cart 1000L tanks to service inaccessible areas.

The total estimated time for the operation is four days.

Lautoka City and areas supplied by the Saru and Buabua treatment plants are not expected to be affected.

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