Fortunate we are

Watching the BBC World news of Sunday, July 23, was a bit of an experience as it captured my thoughts for a few moments.

It got me pondering about how fortunate we may be in our country, Fiji. This is in comparison with the chaos, violence and trouble which plagues some countries.

In some parts of Iraq, Philippines and Venezuela violence still takes place as security forces have to use abrupt and dangerous forms of force to maintain a peaceful environment or establish control.

Sadly, innocent victims caught in the middle are paying a heavy price, with some struggling to meet basic needs and having lost loved ones and family members.

Women, children, infants and those with disabilities are innocently caught in the middle of violent clashes. Are we not fortunate or blessed that while we may have issues in our country, we are in many ways much better off compared with citizens in other countries who are facing worse off circumstances by the hour, the day and week? Let’s continue to appreciate what we have.

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