Forms of malnutrition worsens

Vitamin A deficiency can be taken care of by intake of foods like Carrot, and Kumala (Sweet potato) in this picture). Picture: Ministry of Health

MICRONUTRIENT deficiency is a form of malnutrition that is significantly worsening in our country.This was highlighted by the National Iron and multivitamins Supplementation (NIMS) program officer Kiti Sorovaki while responding to this newspaper today.
Ms Sorovaki said a supplementation program can assist in reducing the prevalence of Vitamin A deficiency and its consequences but this does not necessarily solve the problem.
“In the case of Vitamin A deficiency, the quality of the diets of vulnerable groups (in this case –children) need to be improved and accessibility to foods rich in Vitamin A need to be ensured,” Ms Sorovaki said.
Ms Sorovaki added all stakeholders need to make an effort to address this issue.
“The Ministry of Health is taking measures to address these problems through various strategies and programs, however it has become evident that these issues need a multi-sectoral approach in order to be resolved,” she said.
“However, the public must realize that malnutrition in any form can be difficult to resolve without their contribution and input.”

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