Former Springboks chaplain visits Fiji

Former Springboks rugby team chaplain Cassie Carstens. Picture: FILE

FORMER Springboks rugby team chaplain and now a master trainer for sports coaches worldwide is currently in the country conducting sessions for coaches and sporting organisations in Fiji.

Cassie Carstens who was the chaplain of the 1995 South Africa Rugby World Cup winning team, said his role as a chaplain was to ensure that players were not only physically fit, but were emotionally, socially and spiritually fit.

Carstens said emotional intelligence was the most important ingredient to have for success as an athlete.

“Emotional intelligence consists of how to read emotions and how to read emotions of your teammate or opponent,” he said.

Carstens commented on the performance of Fijian rugby players and how they played on the field.

“I see Fijian players in rugby. They are very brilliant players but they can improve their performance if they have better emotional connection with their teammates and themselves.

“If players are connected well, they will do better in playing as a team.” Carstens believe that issues such as off-the-field sagas could deter a player’s performance while playing.

“Players often go through negative things off-the-field and they tend to carry their emotions on to the field while they play and are not able to perform optimally.

“People as players are holistic beings, so they must not only be physically able, but emotionally, spiritually and socially be whole,” he said.

Cartens is in the country for a few weeks conducting a sports chaplaincy talk at the Wesley Church in Suva.

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