Former rep ready to help netball team

FORMER national reps such as Vasiti Vugakoto are willing to help take Netball Fiji to greater heights.

Vugakoto was part of the Fiji team which was placed sixth at the World Cup in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1999.

That team was coached by Julie Hoonwerg and had players such as Vilimaina Davu (captain), Unaisi Rokoura, Bulou Rabuka, Alanieta Evans, Lanieta Tuisese, Bernadette Ramafono, Venina Taka, Annie Wong, Paulini Tora and Matelita Shaw.

Vugakoto expressed concern with the drop in the standard of the Fiji Pearls at the recent World Cup after the side finished in 14th position.

According to Vugakoto, more former players needed to be involved in running the sport.

“It takes a player to understand the running of the sport and we the former players are looking forward to the annual general meeting as we hope to work together to improve our national team,” she said.

“The former players are willing to work with Netball Fiji.”

Netball Fiji president Wainikiti Bogidrau said it was great that former reps such as Vasiti were putting up their
hands to help.

“Whilst the Netball Fiji has a formal management structure, the ex-reps were and are always welcome to step forward to assist at any time and not only post-World Cup,” she said.

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